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Membership in the International Association of Undercover Officers shall be open to any sworn law enforcement officer employed by a municipal, county, state, federal, national, or international police agency; military personnel assigned to a law enforcement agency, law enforcement training or have law enforcement responsibilities; former or retired sworn law enforcement officers who discontinued their law enforcement employment under honorable conditions and who are referred by an active member; and any active prosecuting attorney who is sponsored by an active member. No person shall be eligible for membership, who:

  1. Has been convicted of any offense involving moral turpitude.

  2. Has been discharged from any employment involving charges of moral turpitude.

  3. Has been adjudged insane.

  4. Who is not of good moral character.

  5. Who has engaged in any conduct which is against the best interests of the Association.

Membership is limited to persons employed (or retired) by a law enforcement or corrections agency.  To seek membership, please fill out the form below so we can verify your eligibility, then we will send you an application.

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